Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm In The Band! Well, Sorta...

Hey Y'all!
Quick entry this week with some quick comics and WC paintings!
But IF took me a while. I really really like this one.

illustration Friday: "invention"

Check me out playing one of these sweet birdies on Sunday Dec 10th at the Balthrop, Alabama show at Bait and Tackle Bar (Red Hook, Brooklyn. Corner of Van Brunt/Pioneer Sts). We also have a show on Dec 17th opening for Rainer Maria (At North Six, N 6th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)... Can you beat it?

Two little comics I did around Thanksgiving:

Water color sketch of naked ladies:

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Thanks everyone!
Until next time!
Love and Rayguns,

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

November Makes This Blog One Year Old!

I didn't even realize that this month is this blogs one year anniversary!
Yay blogs! Everyone who doesn't already have one, go out and get one! They are fun and easy! To everyone who does have one, good job! Hey, while we are talking about blogs, check out These great ones:
The Ne'er Do Evers
The Story And The Sound
Little Bird House
Just Drawn That Way

Illustration Friday: "thanksgiving"

This is one of the hand embroidered cards I make. It's fallish and certainly can be used as a "thank you" card!
No word yet on those teeny avitars, huh?

I did this commission for a friend and an amazing artist, Daryl Walker
This is a terrible scan. But he very kindly put two scans together to see the whole image. It's Bambi Woods, mysterious porn star!

If anyone else is interested in getting a commission piece by me, buying any art, or trading art for art, or art for music, let me know! Art for sale includes much of the paintings or drawings seen in this here blog (or things very similar), embroidered cards, custom embroidery, etc... You can contact me by emailing
You can also write me there if you just want to chat!

And this is that art I did for Chris Buckridge's Vessels CD release present. It's also a terrible scan. The colors are much darker and richer in real life. Oh well.
I also did a tiny painting kinda like it that you can find in this entry (scroll down, you'll see it!).

Wow! This blog is linktastic!
Should I give you one more? I think I should!
Nedroid Comics and Art
There is nothing but good good gooooood here!

Later 'Gators!
Love and Rayguns,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Raining Frogs!?

Hey Y'all!

Illustration Friday this week is "clear":

I'm having a lot of trouble making one of those little tiny avitars they use over there. Anyone have any advice for that? I can't seem to meet their specifications no matter how hard I try.

Here are some not too clear scans of three paintings I did recently.

They are a set, the go together. Here is a photo of them, framed. I got these super cheap wood frames at Ikea. But they were the raw wood and the wrong color. So I painted them.

I was gonna use the paintings for one thing and now I'm gonna use them for something else.

And here is a photo of me as a zombie.

I like zombie me. She's in the bathroom. She'll eat your brains.

Until Next Time,
Love and Rayguns,