Sunday, November 06, 2005

Comics Abound

Hey everybody,

Cat and Crane #3 is now in place and available in three locations:
The Fall Cafe at 307 Smith Street, Brooklyn
Rocketship Comic Book Store at 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn
and via my email.

If you are interested in purchasing the books they are three
dollars each or four books for ten dollars (five each at Rocketship.
Show them some love, too).

Remember, C&C #3 has a wonderful cover by C. Buckridge!
Learn more about Chris here:
I won't show the cover to you here but these are the first two pages.

I was planning to write more but changed my mind.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Madam X presents: Cat and Crane up on the roof #3

Two blogs in one day.
Well, this won't happen very often, let me tell you!
I already spend way too much time on the computer. Candice
(my girlfriend) hates it. So, I actually can't do this often.

But today is a good day in Madam X land. First, the new frontier
that is blogging. And now another comic in the can. That's right,
kids, Cat and Crane #3 is finally here! It continues the story of
how Madam X's long time companion and confidant, Cat, meets
their brainy and neurotic helmsman, Sawl. Here's how Kimberly
Mora Buckridge described it:

"A 'prequel' to the original series, Cat and Crane: Up on the Roof
presents the story of Cat and Sawl, the Crane, meeting in rehab.
The two characters bond over their shared lack of enthusiasm
for being rehabilitated, spending most of their time avoiding art
therapy by hiding on the roof."

Cat and Crane #3 features a great cover by Chris Buckridge!

You can learn more about lovable Mr. Buckridge here:
He has a great song on the Madam X soundtrack. Look for the
newly mastered album soon.

Friends; you know where to find me! Come pick upthe new issue
at the FC anytime.
Strangers: If any of the above bable interested you please contact
me. Cat and Crane #1-#3, Madam X: The Hunt #1
and The Fury #1 are all available now!


ps- The above images are the cover of
Cat and Crane #1 by Robert Donnelly and
two scenes from the book by me!

First Blog

my frist blog ever, and I'm not sure this is even going to work.
I'm dubious about this whole process and computers in general.
How do these thing work, anyway?

Enough about my own issues and on to Madam's:

Madam X, for those who don't know is a comic I have created,
sell and destribute. It is what I would call a "minicomic" or
"independent" comic because I just use my images and a copier
to make it. Then I call it publishing a comic. Fun, hey?

Madam X is a bounty hunter in space. She and her crew have many
wonderful adventures and mishaps. Cat is her second in command.
Sawl rounds out the three man crew. Each have their specific jobs
on Madam's ship but mostly they just get in her way.

Madam X, Cat, and Sawl have been seen in the original four issue
Madam X mini-series (series 1). They can now also be seen in
Madam X: The Hunt (series 2).
Cat and Sawl are currently starring in their own mini series:
Madam X presents: Cat And Crane, Up On The Roof.

I have other comics and interests happening now, too. But I will
expound on them at another time. All this blogging has made me
sleepy, time for a nap.