Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Gigantic Photo Post!

I have discovered punk rock and my drive to create has returned for what promises to be a fruitful summer!
Don't you dial up people loooooooove me?
So spring has, like, sprung here in brooklyn. For now. But here are some photos I have taken of flowers and outdoorsy type things.

Except for these first photos. They are from a series I did with dead and dying flowers... They were the flowers that people gave me for my birthday, I believe.

Now we move on to newer and living, like winter moving into... spring!

This lot is from vt last year. Some critters made their way into this series.

I have a zine project that I want to get off my chest. And I want people's help with, if they are interested.
But that's all to come...

For now?
Love and Rayguns,

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Photos From Castle Anthrax

Photos from The Balthrop, Alabama video shoot abound! Here is the first batch!

Love and Rayguns,
-Elba Millry