Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm Sick

I have tonsilitis but I'm getting over it. I think. I hope.

Illustration Friday "Buzz":

This is a flier I did for the wonderful Kansas State Flower! I finished it mere hours before the topic for IF was announced. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, Here is another "poster" flier I did for them. Please read the flier and go see the show because it will be great! If I'm well enough by Saturday I will be there!

So, thanks to Jeannette for pick a topic that works so well with my schedule!

Last weeks IF was "pheonix":

I had to do Jean Gray, The Pheonix, Of The X-Men. I had to. But maybe one day I'll do another illo of this topic.

I went to visit Toots last week. I gave her folks the pic I did of her for IF "smitten". And I took some more photos of her. I got this one of us together.

Okay, I'm going Back to Bed.
Love, rayguns, and antibiotics,

Friday, January 05, 2007

Color Squares

So, I didn't do IF in time this week. But the next one coincides with something I happen to be working on. That means, rather then skip this weeks blog, I'm going to post now, and then again on the sooner side of next week. Post all the time!

Fun with colored paper!
I bought this pack of different colored and sized heavy weight paper a while ago. I like to bring some to work and doodle if I have time.
Here is some The BLOW fan art! I LOVE The BLOW!

This piece is actually four "joined" together. They can be scrambled and used like a (albeit, very simple) puzzle. They are backed with cardboard.

"make a connection"

Staplers are sooooo cool

some peas...

And other stuffs...

Rocketship fan art. I LOVE Mary Gibbons!

I hope Mary doesn't get too mad at me for this!

Have fun and see you soon!
love and rayguns,

ps- I didn't realize how terrible these scans were until after I posted. Not gonna change them now. We are all just going to have to live with them. Forever.