Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday All Week Long!

Illustration Friday: "Peace"

So, I started doing Illustration Friday waaaaaaay back in February. I have seen 42 (wow, magic number. I love you DNA!) IF subjects and managed to illustrate 21 of them. Exactly half... that's crazy (Note; as I'm writing this, I have not yet completed this weeks. But I will, by god! I will!).
My point is I want to illustrate some of the topics I skipped.

So here are the IFs from the last two weeks.

Illustration Friday 12/8: "Help"
This one I had done on time but didn't post a blog that week.
Side One:

Side Two:

Illustration Friday 12/15: "mask"
This one I did just after the deadline. I couldn't get the inspiration that I needed until way late. I was not going to go this traditional route. Or at least I was trying not to. But when I doodled this image, thinking of IF, and then painted it I had to use it. Even if it is cliche, I'm happy, really happy, with the way it came out.

Now some that are way old!

4/07: "speed"
This one I took the photos for right around the time of the topic. I'm not sure way I didn't post them... Maybe I didn't do a post that week... I also know that I've felt a little self conscious about posting photos in the past. It sees that the IF community looks down on photographers. The don't even have a category for them... Ho hum.

Hey, does anybody know how to make the picture a little animation? But rapid changing from one to the next? Am I making any sense at all? Anyway if you understand me and you do know how, I'd like to know, too. It would be a more effective illo if it was rapid fire!

8/4: "capture"
Here is another photo entry.

8/25: "run"
I love to draw these clunky disembodied legs and shoes. I don't know why.

10/13: "smitten"
I'm COMPLETELY smitten with Toots the cat.
Sketch from the first time that we met.

Drawing from a recent photo.

Almost all her fur is growing back!

Here's a photo of me and toots together. I can not get enough of this cat!!

So there you have it! Seven IFs for the seven days until the next MX blog.

Love and Rayguns,

ps- I did finish "peace" before friday but only by the skin of my teeth and then I got distracted and didn't post it in time for the deadline . Damn!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mighty Post!

Hey, Art!

Illustration Friday: "might"

These are two small (5x7 inches) water colors I did for a silent auction for the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. CAS is a really great cause and organization. Please visit their website! CAS

And then shows, shows, shows!!
Chris Buckridge solo acoustic at the NY Irish Center in Long Island City.

Balthrop, Alabama at Bait & Tackle in Red Hook.

Go be inspired,
Go rescue some animals,
Go hear and see some live music!

Love and Rayguns,