Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Only Skipped Two Weeks...

But it feels like forever! A lot has been going on but until this week it was not artistic stuff. But this week was a mother load!

I did not do this weeks Illustration Friday yet but I do have the last two weeks done and ready for perusal. The first weeks I missed was "Monster". I did several drawings for this one but they all came out very badly. I like this sketch the best out of anything that I did.

But I also worked on a Mike Mignola inspired piece that totally went to shit. I was going for his style mixed with mine as well as a B.P.R.D. type team. But it fell apart pretty hard. I'm gonna post it anyway. Just because. I was trying to come up with an acronym for M.O.N.S.T.E.R. and that was to be the name of the team. But I messed up the inking so bad I just dropped the whole thing. If anyone can come up with anything good I may try to revisit the idea.
So, let's make that a contest! Come up with a good meaning for M.O.N.S.T.E.R. and win an original piece of artwork. Sound good? I'll be sure to include the rules and specifics in the next newsletter (which will come out next week). Anyway, here is the crappy picture. Whoever wins will get a much much better piece of work. I swear!
Last weeks (two weeks ago? this is confusing...) the theme was "Spring". I did this pencil illo on the train. This is almost exactly what I first thought of when I heard about it. I wanted to do something really different then what I am known for. And to use a method I don't usually work in. I really like the way it came out. I only wish I hadn't done it in my sketch book so it would have been easier to scan.

Check out my friend Spacesick's blog for his awesome entry!
  • Spacesick

  • The other big project I have been working on this week is illustrations for a children's book. Isaac's friend Bea wrote a book for a class of her's. She asked that Isaac do the illos and he asked that I help him. I wanted him to draw them b/c he is such an amazing artist. (I am hoping to work on many other projects with him soon. I want to have many comic babies with him. He has an amazing sense of panels!)

    So these are Isaac's pencils with my colors over them. The scans are very crinkly and a little color intense, but you get the Idea. I chose to apply watercolors directly over copies of Isaac's pencils. I had planned to ink the originals but that boy is crazy! He draws the most tiny teeny details and makes everything look so good! I didn't want to mess with any of his fine lines. By coloring the copies I got to keep all his hard work and detail and infuse them with some detail of my own. I really think that they came out nice. I tried to choose a color theme for each illo. I hope I can keep it up b/c there are nine or ten more to do. These are just two of four that we already completed. I won't post the other two this week but may post them and others in the next blog. Do you people want to see more?

    And here is a doodle of Madam with the last word. So true Madam, so true...

    Until Next Week,