Thursday, May 04, 2006

Super Late Blogtastic!

Ick, late again. But I won't apologize, I don't have time!

Illustration Friday! "Under The Sea"

Jellyfish coat. It's too warm to wear it now.

I finished those children's book illos. It was a really fun project! I've seen the finished book and it looks really beautiful. Bea, the author, did an amazing job. She is a wonderful and lovely person. Very full of life and verve. She cropped some of the pics and bound it. She said that her students really liked it, especially the illos! Yay us three!

Next week I will do a side by side comparison: Isaac's pencils and my watercolors. But for now here are some of the colored pictures. I am amazed at how well Isaac can draw building from his imagination! And everything else, too! I really got to see how he works. It's so different from me! But that's what is so great about working with him! Jeez, will you look at how great his pics look! I liked to see his process of sketch to finished drawing.

It was very fun to think of what colors the scenes that he created would have. I feel like there was a lot going on color wise in some of my versions. Do y'all think, they are too busy? It was hard with so much going on in each pic to pare down the colors. I like the effects I was able to create by using I's pencils as a base (no inks). Ok, some one remind me next week (don't laugh! I will to have a blog up next week!) to post the pencils as is, ok?

Here is a little self portrait. I really like it except that crap on the mirror that looks like it is on my face. I was talking to Geoff Freeman the other day about always having a camera with you and always taking pictures so you don't miss things. I didn't even know he was a photographer! But we were just saying how great it is to have these digital cameras now. They are so easy and fun! I'm still trying to take photos all the time as much as I can, but most often I'm home alone at night so I get a lot of photos of Bippi and myself.

Speaking of photography this Live Journal
  • Pinstriped Clouds

  • is amazing. This woman is so talanted. The site is worth checking everyday for new photos.
    Also Lis
  • From The Pear

  • has had some great photos up lately. She's recently back from Italy and dropping *ahem* names all over the place, too. Thanks Lis!

    This is not from M.O.N.S.T.E.R. but it could be. It is just a little drawing from my sketch book. Remember M.O.N.S.T.E.R. everybody? It's a contest and it's still going on!! Come up with a good acronym for M.O.N.S.T.E.R. and win an original piece of artwork. It's that easy! There have only been one entry so far (my fault, I know). But I know someother people have made ones and just not sent them to me. I won't name names (ok, I will, Stan and Chris!). Please comment here with your entry or email me at the Madam X address attached to this blog page. It's up there in the right corner in my profile! You can figure out! Please use this picture and the two from the previous post (04/13/06) as inspiration!
    Here is that one lonley entry:

    Trained to

    Thanks Rholli!!

    So, homework for you: Work on M.O.N.S.T.E.R. contest.
    Homework for me: Post blog with Isaac's pencils, more drawings etc...
    Yep, that covers it for now. Next week, by god, next week there will be more!
    Until then my kittens,
    Love and Rayguns,