Thursday, January 26, 2006

Can It Be Done?! A Blog Every Week?!

Well anyone who reads the Madam X newsletter knows that this blog is the first of the new weekly blogs. I plan to make this more of a journal and leave the news for the, um, newsletter. Not that what is written here isn't news. But, well, you will see what I mean, I hope.

So, anyway. I have been trying really hard to work on art in 2006. I have been doing some little paintings.

They are super fun to do. I use acrylics and bristol. Maybe I will post some more in later weeks. Tolga and Olivia from FC really inspired me. Why is everyone so into Owls? They are fun to draw and so mysterious. These little paintings can get pretty addictive so, I had to stop so that I could focus on Madam X. I did this sketch a month ago, but inked it today, for practice.

I like to do a few warmup inkings before I settle down to do an illo or some comic pages. It lets me get the feel for the brushes again. I work almost exclusively in brush now-a-days. For the comics I do use pen and ink for the lettering. Today I was inking some t-shirt designs. They are connected to the newletter. If you receive the newletter, please vote for
which you like the best. If you want to see the choices please contact me and I will post them here.

Otherwise, I am working on the pencils for Madam X: The Hunt #2. They are almost finished. I like doing the pencils, but they are the hardest part. Well, aside from writing, which is so hard b/c I am not good at it. I like to ink the best because that is when the pages really come together. Hereis a sneak peak of the pencils.

I think that's all for now.
love and rayguns,